Although the Country-Depot stores recently started in
Southern Illinois, the new retail stores have a long history and deep tradition in servicing the customer through the parent company of FS Growmark. FS started in 1927, as a farm supply coop* to supply fuel, fertilizer, feed and most of all the resources and knowledge to help its customers become profitable in farming while promoting the welfare and sustainability of the local community. The Country-Depot sales staff have taken the knowledge for raising crops such as corn, hay and soybeans  to the lawns, gardens, pastures and flower beds of homes and homesteads throughout their area. Transferring that knowledge of growing crops is a great help when a customer has a question regarding their lawn or garden.

FS also has a long history of helping farmers with feeds for all types of farm animals.  So the Country-Depot stores have taken that history of animal care and husbandry to help when answering questions for a customer. The Country-Depot also utilizes the deep tradition and quality of Purina Feeds as their product of choice. Since 1894, when William H. Danforth started Purina Mills the famous, Checkerboard square has been the logo for the all the “Purina Chow” feeds. The Purina name and logo has long been known as the “world leader” in animal feeds and Country-Depot is proud to offer Purina Animal Nutrition Products.

So with all the history from Purina and FS, for taking care of the soil, animals and the customer, we at the Country-Depot are proud to proclaim  . . .


If you are growing, showing, or sowing,
Country-Depot is #1 in Knowing!






*You do not need to be a coop member to shop or buy at Country-Depot Stores, or FS locations.

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