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Country Depot carries a full line of Purina animal products, as well as alternative animal feed brands to give you a wide variety of choices.


Come by Country Depot to find a large selection of wildbird seeds and mixes, along with feeders, houses and equipment.  We also have a selection of wildlife products for deer, game birds and game fish.



Flyers Choice
Wild Delights Black Oil Sunflower
Wild Delights Cardinal Food
Wild Delights Deck, Porch N’ Patio
Wild Delights Fruit N’ Berry
Wild Delights Golden Finch Food
Wild Delights Gourmet Outdoor Pet Food
Wild Delights Nut N’ Berry
Wild Delights Songbird Food
Wild Delights Special Finch
Wild Delights Total Cuisine
Wild Delights Woodpecker Nuthatch N’ Chickadee

Sugar Good

Premium Wild Bird & Game Bird Block
Premium Wild Bird Block


AntlerMax Deer 20
AntlerMax Deer 16
AntlerMax Deer 16 Blend
AntlerMax Rut & Conditioning Deer 16 
AntlerMax Breeder 20
AntlerMax Breeder 16
AntlerMax Breeder Professional Hi-Energy 16
AntlerMax WaterShield Deer 20
AntlerMax WaterShield Rut & Conditioning Deer 16
AntlerMax Deer Block
Premium Deer Block
AntlerMax Deer Block

White Tail Institute
Custom Deer Plot Mixes – Mixed to your specs

Game Fish Chow
Game Bird Startena
Game Bird Flight Conditioner
Game Bird Layena
Game Bird Maintenance


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